Technology Solution Delivers RFID, Bar Code Compliance and Product


Diagraph, an ITW Co., announces a dual technology product identification solution that allows customers to enjoy the benefits of RFID, verifiable bar codes, and/or product identification on their shipping cases, and cost savings compared to other common marking and coding methods, the company reports.

The dual technology solution uses existing Diagraph coding and labeling systems to address a common challenge for shippers—providing their customers with RFID tags on their products, and/or verifiable ANSI Grade C or better bar codes, while also reportedly economizing on the less demanding human-readable descriptions and codes that must appear on their cartons.

The dual technology solution combines printing technologies, designed to provide maximum performance at an economical price per carton. The IJ3000 controller is said to allow users the flexibility of driving multiple printing technologies including RFID, Integrated Valve Printheads, Impulse Jet High-Resolution Printheads and the PA/5000LT Label Printer/Applicator. Diagraph will recommend the best-fit solution depending on the user’s needs and application.

The fully featured, fully automated, PA/5000LT™ RFID adds the capability of RFID encoding. By simply retrofitting existing PA/5000LT units already out in field, or a new PA/5000LT right off of the manufacturing floor, customers are said to benefit from the combination of maximum performance, reliable RFID encoding, and a lower-cost of becoming RFID compliant. What makes this possible is the patent-pending TampTenna™ from Diagraph.

The TampTenna encodes any Gen 1 or 2 Class 1 RFID tag, regardless of antenna shape and package form factor. Typical encoding time to encode and apply the RFID tag is less than 300 milliseconds. With this speed, this system can print, encode, apply and validate up to 100 products per minute, the company reports. Combine this reportedly unparalleled speed with an encoding failure rate as low as 0.28%, and you have an RFID tag application system that’s not only fast, but extremely reliable.

The IJ/3000 Integrated Valve ink jet system combines Diagraph’s patented Integrated Valve printhead technology with smart features such as a touch screen graphical user interface, high-speed Ethernet connectivity, and 24/7 monitoring and diagnostics functions.

The IJ/3000 Impulse Jet offers the same “smart” features as the IJ3000 Integrated Valve with touch screen controls, worldwide networking connectivity, and around-the-clock monitoring and diagnostic functions, while also providing high-resolution printheads with an automatic cleaning system.

The PA/5000LT print-and-apply labeling system is guaranteed to deliver Grade A verifiable bar codes when used with Diagraph labels and ribbons, the company reports. System offers speeds up to 110 ppm and print resolution up to 600 dpi.

For more information, call Diagraph Marketing Services at 800-722-1125 or send This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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