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Active RFID Systems and Broadcom to develop WiFi-enabled RFID Asset-Tracking Tag


EVERGREEN, CO— Active RFID Systems, Inc. (ARS), a leading provider of battery-powered radio frequency and infrared supply chain management systems for total asset tracking, in-transit visibility, security, and data networking over all mobile devices, and Broadcom, Inc., a global leader in semiconductors for wired and wireless communications are collaborating in the development and sales of a WiFi (802.11.b/g)-enabled RFID tag that will be used to track assets directly in a WiFi Network Enterprise System. The new tag offers many years of battery life and is interoperable with existing WiFi networks.

Under the terms of the agreement, ARS will incorporate the Broadcom chipset into this WiFi tag and will manufacture and support the finished tag product. Broadcom will support the hardware, firmware and software activities. “Active RFID Systems is pleased to offer an energy-efficient radio system, 802.11 interoperable, based on a low-cost product from Broadcom,” says ARS founder and CEO Tony Corrado. “The extensive operating knowledge and optional capabilities offered by Broadcom ensure seamless system integration for all users.”

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