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Parkinson Technologies Updates Corporate Identity


WOONSOCKET, RI—Parkinson Technologies has launched an updated and refreshed corporate identity. Parkinson is now the principal corporate identity under which the company's three major product and technology areas reside: Marshall and Williams Plastics, Parkinson Winders, and Key Filters.

Parkinson acquired Marshall and Williams Plastics in 2000. Its plastics orientation and casting equipment product lines and other associated capabilities—such as the Marshall and Williams Plastics R&D pilot plant facility—continue under the Parkinson corporate identity. The Parkinson Winders brand represents winding and web handling machinery for the plastics, nonwovens, and paper industries. Key Filters' melt filtration product lines are now included in Parkinson's brand portfolio. The Key Filters brand is represented by a complete product line of manual, hydraulic, and continuous melt filtration screen changers for the plastics extrusion industry. Key Filters capabilities also include a technology lab with pelletizing extrusion capability to demonstrate the full screen changer product line.

Over the coming weeks, Parkinson will implement the identity program through a number of channels, including the launch of a new company Web site that will serve as the domain for all Parkinson and Marshall and Williams Plastics information. The site will also directly link to the Key Filters Web site.

See www.parkinsontechnologies.com.

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