IP Transitions from Whiteness to Brightness Measurement


MEMPHIS, TN—International Paper's entire range of uncoated freesheet papers for imaging, envelopes, and forms have been improved to a new standard of whiteness and brightness. The company also is transitioning the way it describes its products from the old GE brightness standard to the CIE whiteness scale.

"We believe whiteness is the best descriptor of the appearance of paper," says Rick Hartman, director of product development for IP. "This change also will put us in line with papers that are produced around the world." Globally, brightness no longer is a primary measure for paper; it has been replaced by CIE whiteness. "The GE brightness measures only a portion of reflected light," says Hartman. "It originally was designed to quantify pulp bleaching." Whiteness is more accurate in regard to the human perception of shade.

For uniformity across all uncoated white paper grades, IP has set its standard at CIE 145 whiteness. For more information, visit internationalpaper.com.

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