Packaging Machinery Demand in China to Grow 8.6% Through 2009


CLEVELAND, OH—Demand for packaging equipment in China is projected to climb 8.6% annually through 2009 to $4.4 billion. Product sales will be driven by growth in manufacturing, packaging materials use, and associated fixed investment activity as industrialization efforts continue and income levels rise. By 2014, packaging equipment demand in China will exceed that in Japan, making China the second largest market in the world behind the US. These and other trends are presented in Packaging Machinery in China, a new study from The Freedonia Group.

Packaging Machinery Demand in China
(million Chinese yuan)
% Annual Growth
Item 1999 2004 2009 04/99 09/04
Packaging Machinery Demand 14,750 23,800 35,900 10.0 8.6
Filling &Form/Fill/Seal 4,230 6,900 10,550 10.3 8.9
Wrapping, Bundling & Palletizing 2,200 3,570 5,310 10.2 8.3
Labeling & Coding 1,6700 2,850 4,440 11.3 9.3
Other Machinery 4,050 6,430 9,650 9.7 8.5
Parts 2,600 4,050 5,950 9.3 8.0
Source: 2005 by The Freedonia Group

Demand for labeling and coding equipment will outpace sales of other types of packaging machinery, spurred by the growing need for shippers to accurately identify and track items. In addition, increased use of RFID tags will bolster demand for associated labeling equipment. Demand for filling and form/fill/seal equipment will also climb at an above-average rate through 2009.

Food-related applications are expected to strengthen China's already dominant market position as population and employment gains. Demand for equipment used to package medical, pharmaceutical and personal care products is also projected to rise at an above-average rate through 2009.

Packaging Machinery in China is available for $4,800 from The Freedonia Group. See

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