Reclying Plastic Materials


DUBLIN, IRELAND—Research and Markets’ report, Recycling of Plastic Materials, combines topics discussing: the analysis of processes successfully implemented in industrial practice; ideas concerning production with recycling in mind; and the new research developments offering practical solutions for recycling industry and product manufacturers. The major emphasis is given to polyolefins, polyethylene terephthalate, PVC, and rubber. Materials concerned include films, bottles,packing materials, paper, car batteries, plastics used in car interiors, and tires.

Large companies such as Agfa-Gevaert, Kodak, du Pont, BMW, and Metallgesellschaft share their experience with recycling. Papers show that recycling is environmentally correct as well as a source of income for producers of materials and final products and those who develop and implement service technologies. A large part of the book is concerned with processing and recycling of post-customer wastes.

The report index includes:

  • PET film recycling.
  • The importance and practicality of co-injected, recycled PET/virgin PET containers.
  • Recycling of post-consumer greenhouse PE films—Blends with polyamide-6.
  • Recycling of plastics from urban solid wastes—Comparison between blends from virgin and recovered from waste polymers.
  • Management of plastic wastes—A technical and economic approach.
  • Blends of PE and plastics waste—Processing and characterization.
  • Techniques for selection and recycling of post-consumer plastic bottles.
  • Hydrolytic treatment of plastic waste containing paper.
  • Processing of mixed plastic wastes.
  • The use of recyclable plastics in motor vehicles.
  • Quality assurance in plastic recycling by the example of polypropylene.
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