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Jetrion Signs Distributors for Inkjet Products


ANN ARBOR, MI—Jetrion LLC has signed three leading distributors to expand Jetrion’s marketing channels for inkjet printing systems and inks in Europe and South America. The three new distributors are Zacarés Numeradores S.A., Cap Cod, and GRE Engineering Products AG.

Zacarés Numeradores S.A., Benisanó, Spain, now distributes the Jetrion 3000 series of inkjet printers and thermal and UV inks to customers in Spain, Portugal, and Brazil. Zacarés covers the full spectrum of product applications including lottery and gaming, mailing and addressing, packaging and labels, and cards. See zacares.com.

Cap Cod, Montreuil, France, is distributing the Jetrion 3000 series of inkjet printers and the entire range of inks. The company has experience in the mailing and addressing application field as well as coding and marking. See capcod.fr.

GRE Engineering Products AG, Steinebrunn, Switzerland, distributes the full line of Jetrion 3000 series of inkjet printers and inks to the European label market. The company now is introducing the Jetrion 3025 inkjet system to it’s customers in the United Kingdom and other European markets. See gre.ch.

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