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Nordmeccanica Technology Supports New Dupont/Von Roll Isola USA Laminator Production Line


RICHMOND, VA— Nordmeccanica’s, Piancenza, Italy, technology is behind the Duplex Combi Horizontal 1700 laminator, the machine supporting the start-up of a new laminator production line by DuPont and Von Roll Isola USA to support DuPont™ Nomex┬« Laminate Systems. The laminator will help meet demand for Nomex Laminates—the DuPont-engineered insulation materials.

The Nordmeccanica technology behind the Duplex Combi Horizontal 1700 laminator reportedly enables it produce at a rate three times faster than previous models. The laminator can create laminates up to 65 inches wide, nearly 70% wider than previously possible, company says. According to Nordmeccanica, the laminator is a safer, more environmentally-friendly piece of equipment. The machine has a PTE (permanent total enclosure) that is said to capture any solvent vapors and exhaust them away from the manufacturing area where they are then rendered harmless.

For more information on the Duplex Combi Horizontal 1700 laminator, visit nordmeccanica.com.

To learn more about the laminator production line, visit dupont.com or vonroll-isola.com.

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