ANI Reports Raw Material Supply Crisis for UV and Water-Based Inks


PLYMOUTH, MN—Based on recent negotiations with its key suppliers, ANI Printing Inks reports a drastic shortage of acrylic acid, one of the key base raw materials used to produce binders for UV and water-based inks. ANI further reports the short affects supply capabilities and prices.

Reports Leif Svensson, corporate purchasing director for ANI Printing Inks, "Metal prices are affecting some key raw materials, oil prices are affecting in principle every single organic component used, energy and transportation costs are another part directly affected by the oil price, styrene costs are affecting cost of acrylic resins. The acrylic acid situation throws everything on the binder side into a historical situation of potential turmoil. I’ve never experienced a crisis of this magnitude that is soon to hit our market."

David Helsby, ANI’s global technical director, adds, "We are exploring the routes of sourcing suitable substitutes, but their costs are similarly and equally restricted in supply as they originate from same base chemicals that are subject to the shortage."

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