Sun Chemical Forms New Business Unit, Sun Chemical Security


FORE LEE, NJ—Printing ink and organic pigment manufacturer Sun Chemical has formed Sun Chemical Security, a new global business unit that will provide a range of products with incorporated security measures to print packages, documents, and currency. The unit will also market forensic security systems to ensure the authenticity of the products themselves. John Luppino, general manager, will lead Sun Chemical Security.

Security printing covers such applications as banknotes and currency, passports, drivers' licenses, credit cards, and packaging for products with high brand recognition or value. According to Luppino, most security ink products are highly customized and known only to a brand owner or the government.

Sun Chemical divides the security market into three distinct segments:

  • "On Product" Brand Protection—includes inks printing unique invisible codes for Track and Trace, customized taggants for machine-readable verification, and overprint.
  • Forensic—new technology that can provide rapid authentication of the actual product without the use of taggants or markers by "fingerprinting" raw materials.
  • Currency—primarily intaglio inks as well as varnish and overt features designed to prevent counterfeiting.

"There is a confusing variety of security options offered in the market, and it's difficult to determine just what technology will best suit a customer's needs," Luppino says. "Rather than offering one-size-fits-all, Sun Chemical can help brand owners clarify their needs and identify what available options might work best for them. The impact of the security problem has grown to the point where businesses are seeking solutions to proactively protect their products and brands."

Additionally, Sun Chemical has acquired several companies with promising technologies—including Veritec Group (Verification Technologies, Inc.), Swale, and AIC—or has forged alliances with others—including InkSure Technologies and QunetiQ—to provide these security solutions.

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