Maxcess Offers Training Modules for Fife, Tidland, and MAGPOWR Products


CAMAS, WA—Maxcess Intl. has introduced a new series of "Tech Tips," online training modules intended to teach customers how to conduct routine maintenance and offer better understanding of the theory behind Fife, MAGPOWR, and Tidland products. The modules answer frequently asked questions from engineers, operators, and maintenance personnel and include visual demonstrations to reduce guiding, winding, slitting, and tension control setup times, the company reports.

Each module contains a short video to visually guide the viewer through basic maintenance and operation of MAGPOWR tension control, Fife line-scan camera sensors and web guide controllers, and Tidland modular slitter positioning technology, core shafts, chucks, and knifeholders. In addition to basic maintenance and operation, Fife and MAGPOWR training modules reportedly feature access to interactive product demos, each providing a complete walk-through of the setup, and operation of a Fife web guide and MAGPOWR tension control.

Tech Tips training modules can be accessed online through each brand's website:,, and

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