FTA Launches Aggressive Campaign to Boost Membership


RONKONKOMA, NY— The Flexographic Technical Association (FTA), a society dedicated to promoting, developing, and maintaining the advancement of flexography, has launched a rigorous drive aimed at recruiting new members. The campaign, "FTA Recruiter Rewards Program," encourages existing members to recruit new members into FTA. For every new member who joins, the recruiter earns rewards. The rewards range from the Foundation of FTA’s (FFTA) Annual Forum golf shirts to $100 American Express gift checks to 50 percent off coupons for Full Forum Registrations at FFTA’s Annual Forum.

FTA is also set to unveil a new interactive "mini" membership marketing CD ROM featuring a seven-minute video detailing FTA and FFTA activities, their current directions, membership benefits, and members’ reflections of the FTA. The CD also includes direct links to both FTA websites, flexography.org and ftastore.com.

"This CD highlights the programs FTA offers in an intuitive and engaging format," says Doreen Monteleone, director of membership & environmental services for FTA. "Prospective members will learn about the top-notch education programs we offer, the many networking opportunities available, as well as the quality specifications we develop, all to further advance the flexographic industry."

For more information on the FTA Recruiter Rewards Program or to obtain a complimentary FTA Mini Membership CD ROM, contact FTA’s membership department at 631/737-6020 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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