FDA Approves BASF's Heliogen Green K 9360 Pigment for Plastic Food Packaging


FLORHAM PARK, NJ, USA — According to BASF, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has granted the manufacturer approval for its phthalocyanine pigment Heliogen Green K 9360 under the Food Contact Notification (FCN) program. BASF adds it is the only supplier of a pigment with this color index number (pigment green 36) to have been granted FDA approval.

Explains BASF's pigments and colorants business manager (performance chemicals business in North America) Wolfgang Adams, "BASF's Heliogen Green K 9360 is a unique yellow-shade green color that opens up exciting new possibilities in plastic food-packaging applications. Approval of this pigment reflects our continuing commitment to innovation in products that offer new marketing opportunities for our customers seeking to differentiate their products effectively in the dynamic retail and grocery-store environments."

The company adds that its Heliogen Green K 9360 can be used to color all types of polymers. "It has excellent heat resistance, light fastness, and weathering resistance," BASF reports. "It also is very easy to process...[and has] very high color strength."

Learn more about Heliogen Green K 9360 and BASF's other FDA-compliant materials at basf.com/businesses/coatcolor/plastics/pdfs/fda_compliant_list.pdf.

Visit BASF at basf.com.

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