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Fischer & Krecke to Demo Web-Based Maintenance System Flexpress View at K 2004


BIELEFELD, GERMANY—At K 2004, Fischer & Krecke (hall 4, booth B 37) reports it will feature demonstrations of Flexpress View, its Web-based service and maintenance system, and a new variant of F&K’s unique logistic system Flexpress Motion.

"The extraordinary capabilities of the service tool Flexpress View will be demonstrated several times a day with a live transmission to the booth from a press operating in Fischer & Krecke’s Bielefeld facility," says F&K. Demonstrations of the logistics system, Flexpress Motion, also will take place at the booth.

According to F&K, Flexpress View is an Internet-based service and maintenance tool that works with extremely high data transmission speed. "The system adheres to the highest security standards. The configuration of Flexpress View is unique to each installation and allows construction of an Intranet around the press, in which information can be exchanged and operations executed from remote locations," notes Fischer & Krecke.

Continues the OEM: "In addition to enhancing service, such as monitoring SPS processes, setting drive parameters, or troubleshooting, Flexpress View allows the client to send information such as performance data or quality control data to anywhere in the world. Flexpress View includes a Webcam that can provide specific images for examination, such as splices, for example, to the intranet users."

Also during K 2004. Fischer & Krecke will demonstrate remote proofing for the first time. During the show, images from the video inspection system on a press running at Fischer & Krecke’s facility in Bielefeld will be shown at the Fischer & Krecke booth.

"The images will be transferred live and will be compared to targets with spectrophotometrical analysis. This demonstration will include Flexpress View and Flexpress Control (introduced at Drupa 2004) and the automatic print impression setting system developed jointly with Advanced Vision Technology. In the latest version of this system, print and anilox impressions can be set automatically within 540 feet (180 meters), thus generating an exceptionally minimal amount of waste material," adds the manufacturer.

Flexpress Motion, adds F&K, is a simple and cost-effective system that contributes to reduced changeover times. It is said to allow easy handling of sleeves — including wide sleeves — and anilox rollers.

"In the Flexpress Motion system," explains the company, "changeover carts are loaded while the press is running the previous job. When a changeover begins, the loaded cart is already positioned at the press with the sleeves placed in print deck position. The process eliminates complex positioning while the press is stopped and significantly reduces changeover times."

Visit Fischer & Krecke at fischer-krecke.biz. Learn more about K 2004 at k-online.de.

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