Bayer Bio Products Announces Latest Efforts to Combat Product Tampering and Counterfeiting


RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, NC, USA—Bayer Biological Products (BP) reports several new developments in its ongoing effort to combat product tampering and counterfeiting. According to Bayer BP, these initiatives are the latest in a multiphase, multifaceted program that began in September 2002, when Bayer BP became the first company in the biological products industry to introduce enhanced tamper-evident packaging (TEP).

Bayer BP says every one of its liquid-filled products now incorporates a shrink-band safety feature to help protect against product tampering. Among the Bayer BP products now outfitted with shrink-bands: Plasbumin, Albumin (Human), and Bayer BP's hyperimmunes in vials, including BayHep B and Hepatitis B Immune Globulin (Human) solvent/detergent treated.

"Designed as a clear plastic wrap covering the neck and lid of the bottle with the company's imprinted logo, Bayer BP's shrink-band innovation is difficult to duplicate," states Bayer. "The shrink-band comes with a pull-tab for easy removal. If tampered with, the shrink-band will be broken or loosened, and the disruption will be obvious to the average consumer. If a disruption in packaging is identified, the product should not be opened or used.

Tug-Tight Banding is yet another converted product Bayer BP says it has developed to combat counterfeiting and product tampering. "Tug-Tight Banding [is] a security seal specialized for use in transportation; it's located on the temperature-controlled Envirotainer shipping solution to help ensure verification once a shipment arrives at a Bayer BP affiliate or third-party destination."

Says Bayer BP president Joseph Akers, "[Bayer BP] has created an 'anti-counterfeit mindset,' in which product safety becomes an integral part of [our] business practices and operations. He adds, "We take an all-encompassing approach to the challenge of counterfeiting and tampering. As the Food and Drug Adminstration's recent report Combating Counterfeit Drugs points out, tamper-evident packaging is beneficial in fighting counterfeiting, but it is one layer of a multifaceted anti-counterfeiting plan."

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