Martin Automatic Says Its Roll Changers Reduce Waste and Downtime for Narrow Webs


ROCKFORD, IL, USA—Martin Automatic will showcase time saving, waste reduction roll-changing solutions for narrow web converters at Labelexpo.

According to the manufacturer, visitors its booth will see live demonstrations of the MBS automatic butt splicer operating in-line with the LRD automatic transfer rewind.

This show is also the North American introduction of two new products, the STS automatic turret butt splicer and the STR automatic turret rewind, both designed specifically for narrow web presses and processes.

"With a Martin butt splicer and rewind, the press or process does not slow down or stop for roll changes," explains the OEM. "As a result, materials waste and press down time are substantially reduced. Martin representatives will help visitors calculate their own efficiency improvements and waste reductions gained by replacing manual roll change equipment with Martin Automatic non-stop roll change systems," adds the company.

Martin Automatic says MBS butt splicers can handle film, P/S label, paper, light board, and specialty applications.

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