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3M Introduces Mounting Tape


ST. PAUL, MN, USA—3M reports converters can get both production time and printing quality benefits by using its Cushion-Mount Plus Tapes, which now incorporates 3M's Easy Mount Adhesive. According to the manufacturer, its Cushion-Mount Plus Tapes with Easy Mount Adhesive help operators mount plates easily without blistering. In addition, says the company, the Easy Mount adhesive also grips tight to resist edge lifting and removes so easily you can virtually elimininate plate back treatment.

Reports the manufacturer, "Unlike flat or pebbled liners, the liner on this tape series features a unique cross-hatched pattern that forms microchannels throughout the adhesive. During mounting, air flows through the channels and out from under the plate helping assure proper registration and prevent blemishes in screen and process printing.

According to 3M, the tight-gripping adhesive eliminates the work and time of sealing the plate edges and holds securely throughout the press run. "When finished, the plate peels off easily with less likelihood of damage or kinks," adds the company.

Learn more about 3M at 3M.com.

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