Akzo Nobel Inks Becomes ANI Printing Inks


DÜSSELDORF, GERMANY—At Drupa, ANI Printing Inks—formerly known as Akzo Nobel Inks—made its name change—and new company goals—official.

According to ANI Printing Inks president/CEO Peter Koivula, "At the time of the management-buy-out of the printing inks group from Akzo Nobel in February 2002, it was decided the group could continue to use the name for a period of three years. [Though] that period [doesn't] lapse until the end of 2004, [the company has taken] the final, formal step that brings our journey toward independence [to an end]."

Continues Koivula, "Everything is new, but in essence nothing changes. Except for a few details that aim to further strengthen our organization, our business, and consequently the image and future success of the new ANI Printing Inks. Apart from our name and identity, we're also taking a decisive step forward in terms of marketing and communication, slightly adjusting our message to the market ," he adds.

Learn more about ANI Printing Inks company initiatives and product array at aninks.com.

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