Creo and Raine Consulting Co-Sponsor Lean Leadership Program Workshop Series


CHICAGO, IL, USA—Sponsors of the Lean Leadership Workshop seminar program series say the one-day program, slated for different dates and locales this spring/summer—May 12, 2004, in Chicago; May 19, 2004, New York, NY, USA; June 9, 2004, in San Francisco, CA, USA;—can help you and your operation's employees learn how to achieve more with less.

Co-sponsored by Creo and Raine Consulting Inc., the one-day program is designed for "change-enabled" leaders from in-plant production groups; large, corporate supply-chain companies; creative firms; ad agencies; content-management companies; book and periodical publishers; and supporting companies.

According to Creo and Raine, the program will provide "an engaging overview of Lean Enterprises—not just Lean Manufacturing, but Lean Office and Lean Selling. This executive briefing is designed to help you and evaluate the power of the 'Lean' strategy." Sponsors add it will provide:

  • A thorough grounding in the five principles of 'Lean' and how it can work for graphic communication companies;
  • An overview of how to build on the foundation of current quality programs, and determine whether concepts such as Six Sigma, Kaizen, ISO 9002/14000, etc., are relevant to your organizational needs;
  • An understanding of the role of performance measures, benchmarking, best practices, organizational prerequisites, and standards;
  • Lean case studies of cost reductions, technology strategies, and improved efficiencies for print media companies;
  • Individual assessment tools to plot the most critical areas of impact and prioritization within your own company;
  • The 'How-Tos' in getting a Lean program jump-started in your organization; and
  • Ways to sustain a long-term operational and strategic lean program.

More information about cost ($395 US for individual, one-day attendance) and registration is available by calling 630/629.3410, or visiting

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