Ways to Get Your Web Straight... PFFC's Web-Guiding Webinars Provide Profit-Getting, Scrap Reduction Tips

PFFC Marketing

CHICAGO, IL, USA—Running your web isn't a problem until...

  • Your material costs start creeping up.
  • You've had it with downtime.
  • You're way late on a rush job.

Why have these problems? Find out about today's web guiding technology in this webinar series hosted by PFFC and sponsored by Fife.

Presented by Tim Walker, a 20-plus-year veteran of the converting industry and a PFFC columnist, these webinars will get you "under the hood" of webs so that you can better understand why they get off track and how to use automated guides to get them on track.

Attend so that your company can dramatically reduce scrap, build an accurate system, and ultimately get an edge over the competition because you'll be able to deliver!

Check out details on these webinars by visiting http://webguiding.pffc-online.com/. You can attend one or both, depending on your needs. Each Webinar is $129. This is a per-computer fee so you can gather colleagues at your computer and participate in the Webinar together.

You will receive an e-mail confirmation of your registration that will include log in instructions for the webinars. PFFC

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