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BST Pro Mark Says Three-Quarters of Tag & Label Mfrs. Inst. Using Its Inspection Systems


ELMHURST, IL, USA—According to BST Pro Mark, a review of the 2003 Tag and Label Manufacturers Institute (TLMI) awards competition revealed that 74% of the winners from North America use BST Pro Mark web inspection systems to manage print quality and process productivity. Says BST Pro Mark VP of marketing John Thome, "The results clearly show a strong correlation between the use of video web-inspection systems and the production of award-winning labels."

BST reports the 2003 TLMI entries showed the noticeable trends toward the use of more complicated vignettes, fine print details requiring higher line screens, greater use of specialty spot colors in the design highlights, and extremely tight color-to-color and color-to-die register. "In many cases," adds BST, "the labels were produced at higher press speeds than in previous years and converted on substrates that range from unsupported film to board stock."

Thome adds, "Over the years, our research has quantified that converters with video web-inspection systems on their presses are able to produce a higher quality product at faster press speeds and with lower waste than presses without such devices. The TLMI results provide compelling evidence on the impact of print quality as well."

BST says converters interested in a copy of the research findings can contact the company at 630/833-9900 or via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Visit BST Pro Mark at bstpromark.com.

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