Goldenrod Will Refurbish Large Shafts of All Brands

A new service at Goldenrod Corp. offers refurbishment of large roll spools, promising better turnaround time

CTC Intl. Rewinder Finishes Small Roll Labels

The Model STACRW2-6 automatic turret rewinder from CTC Intl. is said to have everything needed to automatically finish small roll labels without additional unwinding equipment.

New HD Tension Indicator Developed by Montalvo

The Montalvo Corp. has developed a new tension indicator designed to provide accurate and repeatable web tension.

Web Handling: Top 7 Causes of Wrinkles

Web wrinkling during converting can come from a variety of sources--sometimes multiple sources. Thus, pinpointing the exact cause and cure is not always easy. In fact, it is often a process of trial and error.

Idlers Do Away With Trapped Air

Precision-machined idlers with custom groove patterns eliminate trapped air that causes web slipping. Machined surface patterns said to be ideal for eliminating

Move Loads Safely

Manipulators move loads to 900 kg, transferring and positioning by rotating or tilting. Said to enable operators to work with ease and safety, manipulators

Palletizer for Nonwovens Offered

The RTP25 nonwovens integrated stretch palletizer has a motor-driven gripper equipped with angled edges at the bottom, increasing gripping security and

Nip Rolls Suited For Many Uses

Nip rolls are designed for a variety of converting applications, including thermal bonding, compacting and squeezing webs, creating composite webs, web

Nip Roll Modules Offer Precision

Standard and custom precision, air-loaded nip roll modules are said to allow precise side-to-side gap adjustment, independent of precise pneumatic pressure

Conveyor Guards Aid Safety

EVO Conveyor Guards provide what is said to be a simple, flexible, cost-effective solution to conveyor guarding, with component designs to help keep personnel

Best Papers Named At IWEB Conference

STILLWATER, OK | The 11th Intl. Conference on Web Handling (IWEB), sponsored by the Web Handling Research Ctr. (WHRC) at Oklahoma State Univ., was held

Board Is Tough

Corner Board PDH is made of high-impact PS, said to result in a tough shape. Reportedly withstands crushing forces to 25% greater than paperboard, protects

Chucks Handle Large Cores

Air adapter chucks are designed to handle the largest cores without investing in new core shafts. Single and dual chucks are available to fit core diameters

Manipulate with Precision

Pneumatically powered Famatec Friendly ergonomic manipulator counterbalances heavy loads precisely to allow an operator to effortlessly suspend, rotate,

Web Handling Workshop Includes Live Demos

TJWalker + Assoc. and Optimation Technology host a Web Handling Workshop at the Optimation Media Conveyance Facility on August 23–25 in Rochester, NY

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