Chucks Offered in Several Versions

ShaftLok safety chuck modules are available with skew, lateral, and skew and lateral (combined) adjustments. Chucks are available in standard- medium-,

Web Lines: Don't Flip Out - It's Just a Web Flip

The first time you see a web flip, you will wonder if you are looking at an M.C. Escher drawing. Escher was famous for his castles where you could walk

Nim-Cor Shaft Repair Video Now Online

The NimCor airshaft repair process is now demonstrated in a video on the company's web site. Visitors are shown how to replace lugs and/or buttons and remove

Maxcess China Facility Receives ISO Certification

Maxcess, a global leader in innovative products and services for the web handling industry, has announced that its production facility in Zhuhai, China, has achieved certification to the ISO 9001 quality system standard

Produce Crepe Paper Rolls

Model LS-MS-15 fully automatic log roll splitter for producing crepe paper streamer rolls is designed to be coupled directly with company's rewinder.

Web Lines: Blow Away Your Roller

What can reverse the direction of your web without touching it? What can redirect a web's running angle or inclination with the tension losses of roller

Shaft Is Strong

The HCRS expanding roll spool shaft is said to be less expensive but stronger and stiffer than heavier metal alternatives. The large-diameter shaft utilizes

Green Converting: Recycled Roll Coverings

How do you make a measurable impact on sustainability in an industry such as converting? In actuality, converters don't have a tremendous say in the products

Idlers in Heat

When idler rolls are used in elevated temperatures, there are many concerns. One is the expansion of roller metals especially the different rates of expansion

Coatings Add Many Characteristics

Marathon hard flame sprayed coatings give rollers or parts any one of hundreds of different coating dimensions, including release and nonstick, corrosion

Double Plugs Aid Stacking

Patented plastic double plugs with a cone tip help speed stacking and palletizing of slit rolls, whether done manually or with robotic handling. Used

Chuck System Has Safety Features

Optional features for the ShaftLok safety chuck system include a newly designed spring-loaded, hand-operated sliding mechanism that ensures the shaft

Foam Cradles Are Durable

Reusable foam cradles are said to offer durable construction and a memory capability that allows them to retain their shape while delivering protective

Web Lines: Q&A on Roller Deflection

Here are five frequently asked questions about roller deflection with my responses. Next month, we'll talk more about deflection, but instead of rollers,

Menges Roller Introduces Flame Sprayed Coatings

Menges Roller Co. has introduced Marathon Flame Sprayed Coatings, a new product line of hard flame sprayed coatings that give process, idler rollers and parts another dimension

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