Wood Core Plugs Come in Many Sizes

Wood core plugs include custom-made plugs from particle board, MDF, and plywood. Sizes range from 1-60 in. A variety of center hole diameters and configurations

Recycle Cores for Many Materials

Safe-Slab Core Recycler in heavy, medium, and light duty models offers blade-free roll slabbing and core recycling. Said to remove leftover roll material

Plugs Help Prevent Crushed Cores

Heavy-duty core plugs are said to offer high strength to help prevent crushed cores on large rolls. Available in plastic, metal, and wood in sizes from

Recycle Leftover Material

The Safe-Slab Core Recycler now is available in three variations light, medium, and heavy duty to accommodate a wide range of roll diameters, lengths,

Get High Quality Cuts

Auto Indexing Knife reportedly maintains high quality throughout all cuts, extends the life of the core cutter knife by providing more usable cutting

Cut Two Cores Quickly

Dual-mandrel core-cutting equipment cuts two core diameters quickly and safely with no tooling change, company reports. Said to increase efficiency, reduce

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