Technical Reports

Static Beat | Should Static Brushes Touch?

Should static brushes or ionizing cords touch webs or rolls to neutralize static?

Coating Matters | Mixing Fundamentals

What happens in the fluid mixing room can have a profound effect on what gets coated onto the substrate

Static Beat | How Do Passive Dissipaters Neutralize Static?

How does a static brush, a tinsel strand, or an ionizing cord neutralize static?

On Print | Conductive Inks & Coatings

Following the Printed Electronics Conference in Santa Clara, Dene Taylor recaps the practical products for use in our businesses today

Web Lines | Winding Process Fundamentals, Pt. 2

In Part 2 of this four-part series, web handling expert Tim Walker tackles tension control from the first to the final lap of the winding roll

Web Lines | Winding Process Fundamentals, Pt. 1

Understanding winding, roll defects, and winding-related web quality begins with understanding how the web, winder design, and process conditions combine to create the stress and strains of the wound roll.

Coating Matters | It’s a Turbulent World

Mark Miller says his discussions explaining fluid coating technology vs. extrusion technology feel like excerpts from Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus.

On Print | Add Extended Gamut Printing to Your Lean List

Replacing spot colors with an extended gamut ink set offers substantial savings in time and materials and eliminates inventories of inks and cylinders or plates.

Static Beat | Static Bar Spacing

How far away can a static dissipater be mounted and still neutralize a web?

Web Lines | Why Bigger Cores?

Bigger cores avoid many winding defects. Fewer layers mean less near-core pressure buildup and high-pressure defects.

Coating Matters | Discrete Coating Techniques & Equipment

The demands of the current electronics and optics markets are requiring panel coating technology more than ever.

Technical Report: A Rheology Lesson

Whether you are dealing with a fluid coating or a plastic product, you need to understand rheology. Rheology of the polymer in question affects not only

Packaging Paper: Better Days Ahead?

Packaging papers include a wide range of grades, applications, markets, and forms, which are driven by very different dynamics and circumstances in many

Pilot Coaters: Small Volume, Big Advances

Until recently, development of laboratory and pilot coater technology has been relatively stagnant. The many improvements increased coating speeds, improved

Barrier Films: SiOx Barrier Benefits

Consumers are continuously changing their eating and purchasing behavior. A century ago, food was bought fresh and directly from the source the farmer,

Pollution Control: 10 Tips To Cut CO2

With mandatory greenhouse gas (GHG) reporting on the horizon, converters soon could be paying for the carbon emissions generated by some of their pollution

Special Report: Covert Markers-Microscopic Markers

In today's global economy, practically every company offering products in high demand is facing issues of some kind related to protecting their brand

Work More Productively with Your Contract Converter

Saving time and money is always important. Obtaining the best quality of your finished product is always the goal. These tips will improve both your bottom

Blade Coatings: Prolong Blade Life

Very thin surface coatings can be applied to nearly any knife or blade. Almost 20% of slitting customers choose to have an after-market coating applied

Trends in technology

The converting industry and some of its processes are 100 years old or more. Despite that, the industry has remained dynamic and competitive by continuously

A future for photovoltaics

Some areas of vacuum web coating have progressed in the past decade, others have lagged behind. A hot topic 20 years ago was transparent barrier coatings.

Roller Refurbishing: Replace or Refinish?

Due to the long service life of most heat transfer rolls, converters often wait for problems to arise before servicing their equipment. Unfortunately,

Blown Film: Measuring Melt Temps

Blown film producers are challenged by the continual search for high-value-added products to bring to their portfolios. Often, these products are in small

Films 101: Back to Basics

Companies specializing in film production are familiar with the environmental and economical trends impacting today's industry. Production costs continue

New Roles for Converters

The process technology now in routine use in the converting industry will perform a key role in the commercialization of several advanced, high-technology

Static Specified

Static performance should be specified and designed into new equipment, and it should be a deliverable when developing a new product.

Product Protection

Manufacturers of perishable products are well aware that a later “sell by” date on a package can affect a customer’s decision to purchase one brand instead of another. New OPP films offer extended shelf life, and their compatibility with foods made without trans fats creates additional opportunities.

Directing Design

Because design has become the No. 1 differentiator for product innovation among manufacturers, design life-cycle management (DLM) has gained prominence as a packaging system tailored to meet the needs of CPCs and their graphic communication partners. Integrated and web-based, DLM streamlines the package design and production process—from ideation through design, packaging, and production.

A Bunch of Hot Air

There are reasons why your dryer could be giving you a headache. Here's what you can do about it.

Cut With Glass

Energy bills getting you down? Cut costs by switching to glass-covered rolls for corona treatment.

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