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The US Chamber of Commerce reports product counterfeiting costs US companies nearly $250 billion a year in lost revenue. While the problem is far too

Edible Markers

The Holy Grail in agricultural crisis quality management is to have a technology that provides authentication and traceability in situ or in contact with

Trends Impacting Converters

It's that time of year again when PFFC checks the pulse of converters with our Critical Trends survey that we send out to the full breadth of our very

Critical Trends: 2008 PFFC survey

In April 2008, Penton Media conducted its third research study across all segments of the converting industry to examine critical trends, including revenue, business activities, and costs of doing business.

Special Report: Product Authentication & Brand Security

PFFC's Product Authentication & Brand Security special report tells you how to help your customers protect their brands

TLMI Special Report

Take a look back - and ahead - as TLMI celebrates 75 years of service.

2008 Coating/Laminating Special Report

The latest need-to-know information about lamination, vacuum coating, barrier coatings, coating and laminating products and a directory of contract services

Critical TRENDS

Last year's April issue featured, for the first time, PFFC's special report on the critical trends affecting the converting industry. This year, we again

Brand Security & Authentication, Part 1

Self-adhesive laminates in brand protection: A converter's reference guide to solutions for anti-counterfeiting, tamper-evidence, and anti-theft protection.

Brand Security & Authentication, Part 2

Secure and cost-effective anti-counterfeiting solutions are being developed to foil the fakers.

Coating & Laminating Special Report, Part 1

You won’t find your company’s future in a crystal ball, tarot cards, or tea leaves, but you might find it in Peter Drucker’s advice: "The best way to deal with the future is to create it."

Coating & Laminating Special Report, Part 2

Robert Marsh continues to look at the future of coating and laminating.

Coating & Laminating Special Report, Part 3

Dr. William Llewellyn looks at the potentially dynamic marketplace in Asia.

Coating & Laminating Special Report, Part 4

Elizabeth Park provides an overview of the current status of self-adhesive laminates in the graphic arts industry.

Coating & Laminating Special Report, Part 5

To make or to buy? This decision is faced by many managers in the converting industry today. Mark Chappell outlines the benefits of utilizing contract manufacturers.

Coating & Laminating Special Report, Part 6

Web processing is not a piece-part manufacturing process, so don’t try to analyze it that way.

PFFC Worldwide Special Report on Release Liners, part 1

Reporting on all aspects of release liners, including AWA's roundtable forum held during the 2004 Global Release Liner converence, North American facts and figures, and an end-user market study.

PFFC Worldwide Special Report on Release Liners, part 2

Continued reporting on all aspects of release liners, including rising platinum prices and calibration tape development.

TLMI turns 70

TLMI was established on June 15, 1933, with just 18 members—all tag manufacturers. In 1962, label converters joined the growing association, followed just four years later by the suppliers of the equipment, materials, and technologies that were changing this “cottage industry” into a global force. When TLMI celebrated its 50th anniversary 20 years ago, it had just 130 member companies. Today, it represents more than 300 suppliers and converters alike.

Release Liners: A Worldwide Special ReportMedical/Healthcare Use

In the release liners manufacturing industry, AWA says disposables demand will grow, but on a changing base.

Release Liners: A Worldwide Special ReportReducing Silicone Mist

Using a high-speed cross-linker is a cost-effective solution to reduce mist.

Release Liners: A Worldwide Special ReportEB/UV Curing Drying

A layman’s explanation of how these technologies are applied and how they differ.

Release Liners: A Worldwide Special Report: Release LinersPackaging Waste?

An opinion shift that release liners are packaging rather than process waste will have consequences across the supply chain.

Coating and Laminating Special Report

Five related articles examining today's coating/laminating industry peers into the future of this key industry niche.

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