Unilux Adds Reps in Spain,Portugal, and Brazil

SADDLEBROOK, NJ -- Unilux Inc., the designer and manufacturer of stroboscopic surface inspection systems worldwide, reports it's added (to its current number of 23 countries) sales and service representatives in Spain, Portugal, and Brazil. ESA Graf of Barcelona will cover Spain and Portugal, and Alphaprint of São Paulo will cover Brazil, co. says. Both companies will handle customer service, equipment repairs, and maintenance as well as all aspects of Unilux sales, installation, training, and start-up. ESA Graf will also handle the papermaking industry in Spain and Portugal.

"Both Ramon Garcia of ESA Graf and Antonio Pacheco of Alphaprint have instilled a high-energy, service-oriented attitude throughout their operations, and that is essential for our goal of providing strong local service in our global marketplace," says Mike Simonis, VP of international sales at Unilux. "Alphaprint has a 28-person service department to support our products in Brazil, and ESA Graf has a robust reputation for customer support in Spain and Portugal. Together, they will enable Unilux to maintain our reputation as a worldwide supplier with strong local support," he adds.

With more than 40 years of experience in the design and manufacture of industrial surface inspection lighting systems, Unilux says its stroboscopic lighting enables operators and inspectors to see surface defects and imperfections in real time at full production speeds. "The light’s short-duration, high-intensity pulses make webs moving up to 700 meters per minute appear motionless, providing "frozen" images that make surface defects stand out for identification and correction," co. reports. For additional information visit unilux.com.

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