BASF Opens World's Fastest Coating Plant

LUDWIGSHAFEN, GERMANY—BASF announces the launch of its newly modernized center for pressure sensitive adhesives at its Verbund site in Ludwigshafen. According to the chemical company, the center houses two "ultra-modern pilot plants: a new—and the world's fastest with a maximum speed of 1,500 meters [approximately 5,000 feet] per minute—coating plant for aqueous pressure sensitive adhesives and a UV hot melt adhesive plant operating at a speed of up to 700 meters [approximately 2,300] per minute." BASF adds the development and modernization costs of the coating center, which was designed and built in cooperation with Pagendarm BTT GmbH, totaled €5 million.

Says Dr. Martin Bruderm├╝ller, head of BASF's functional polymers division, "The ultra-modern coating center guarantees our skills advantage in coating technology, and at the same time, strengthens our position as an innovative producer of pressure sensitive adhesives." He adds the center will not only create value for BASF but for its customers as well. "From today, we can design the joint trials we carry out with our customers even more flexibly and efficiently. We can vary the interaction [among] coating technology, machine speeds, carriers, and pressure sensitive adhesives to an extent never achieved previously. This makes us an ideal partner for customers wishing to optimize their production processes for the manufacture of self-adhesive products such as tapes or labels.

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