Schiavi's Eco Jr. Solventless Laminators Appeal to Flex-Pack Converters in Canada

CANADA—Schiavi, a member of the Bobst Group of companies (including Bobst Canada Inc.), reports three Eco Junior solventless laminators have been sold to "major flexible packaging converters" in Canada. The Eco Juniors—with web widths of 45 in., 53 in., and 57 in.—are scheduled to be installed this year, adds the co.

Bobst says the CNC laminator model is suited to "more sophisticated applications [that require] higher-precision tension control, [which is] achieved by load cell feedback and a wider range of tension adjustments. The coating head and the lamination nip are enclosed in the same single unit in order to avoid curling or tunneling problems and web contamination."

For more information, contact Albert Smirnov, sales & marketing, flexible packaging, at 514/426-3030, ext. 211, or at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Visit Bobst Group at

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