Kodak Talks Brand Protection at Conference


ROCHESTER, NY | As one of the sponsors of the 11th Anti-Counterfeiting & Brand Protection East Coast Summit, Kodak met with attendees, presented its portfolio of brand protection solutions, and participated in interactive workshops. Keith Cutri, Kodak’s director of business development, Brand Protection Solutions, served as chair for the second day of the conference.

“The goal of every brand today is to become more global, but with that expansion come a variety of risks and a tremendous set of challenges,” says Cutri. “Billions of dollars and years of customer loyalty and goodwill are at stake for counterfeiters and diverters looking to exploit demand. Unfortunately, customs officials and law enforcement cannot provide full protection, so brand owners must take steps to deploy a robust brand protection program to track and protect their products.”

The three-day conference featured workshops, panel discussions, and presentations for the brand owners, security professionals, and law enforcement officials in attendance. Topics included best practices for building a holistic anti-counterfeiting strategy, understanding how to allocate your resources efficiently, and learning about the international perspective and how global brand owners are taking the fight back to counterfeiters.

During a pre-conference workshop entitled “How Solid is Your Brand Protection Program?”, Cutri helped attendees assess the strength of their programs, understand the risks of gray market product diversion and illicit trade, and learn how to bolster the effectiveness of authentication and track & trace programs.

Cutri led a panel discussion with John DiPalo, COO of Acsis The topic was “Track & Trace and the Movement of Goods,” covering implications of doing business in a truly global marketplace. Discussion points included best practices for serialization and the importance of item-level traceability. Kodak recently named Acsis as a serialization partner of choice for dual serialization track & trace systems on the packaging line.

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