Switch United Offers Interactive Packaging Solution


VANCOUVER, BC, CANADA | Switch United, a digital innovation studio, announces StoryTrigger, an interactive packaging solution dedicated to health and personal care products. Through object recognition technology, the system allows smart phone users to access a content channel directly from packaging. In-depth product knowledge, how-to videos, coupons, text enlargement, or audible screen readers will be available to the consumer.

Company says this will help consumers who are unable to read the fine print and want to analyze two nearly identical products and learn what the differences are.

“Brands and consumers are demanding more from packaging – it needs to be visually appealing, informative, and be able to differentiate itself from other products on the shelf,” says Switch United partner Catherine Winckler. “StoryTrigger combines object recognition technology with high level content to allow health and wellness packaging companies to meet that need.”

“In the United States alone, the direct and indirect cost of patient non-compliance is estimated at one to three hundred billion dollars a year,” says Dr. Mitchell Mendelson, StoryTrigger medical advisory chair, adding, “125,000 people with treatable illnesses die annually due to incorrect usage of medicines, 60 percent of patients cannot correctly identify their own medication, and 40 percent do not adhere to their medical regimes. StoryTrigger offers a solution to these staggering figures, enabling smart phone users access to vital medicinal information.”

Content is cloud-based and can be continually modified, allowing packagers to differentiate their product brands and provide value to the consumer. Up-to-the-minute medical product updates, year-long campaigns, and seasonal information are possible.

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