Davis-Standard Retrofit Boosts Production at Mid South Extrusion

Mid South Extrusion Mike HenaganFULTON, NY | A three-layer Centrex die and Triple Lip air ring retrofit from Davis-Standard has helped Mid South Extrusion increase rates on an existing line by 50% while also improving gauge control uniformity. Mid South, based in Monroe, LA, retrofitted a Davis-Standard line originally installed in 1999 to support production of the company’s new metallocene-based coextruded film product called ExtrudTuff. Mid South’s production and quality limits were addressed through the application of new technology using Davis Standard’s pilot line.

“Demand for our new ExtrudTuff film has been exceptional, so we called on Davis-Standard to find a cost-effective way to improve production rates and quality,” said Mike Henagan, executive VP of operations at Mid South. “Davis-Standard took our new coextrusion blend and proved that higher rates and quality were possible with new technology. We were able to validate the processing capabilities of the die and air ring on their pilot line first. This led to the purchase of new DSB III screws and barrels along with a new Centrex Die and Triple Lip air ring.

"We then developed a plan to make the transition as smooth as possible to avoid disrupting critical production schedules. We simply could not afford surprises or downtime. The line was retrofitted and back in production earlier than anticipated because of excellent project management and support. Our customers are very happy with the result.”

The trials on Davis-Standard’s pilot line in Bridgewater, NJ, showed the 50% rate increase and a substantial improvement in gauge control uniformity using the three-layer Centrex die and IBC (internal bubble cooling) technology in conjunction with the Triple Lip air ring. The pilot line is a 12-in. (300 mm) dia system. Although the pilot line is much smaller than the full scale production line at Mid South Extrusion, Davis-Standard used the information gained from the trial and engineered a solution for the existing line, which included a set of new screw and barrels, blowers, and control to accompany the new die and air ring.

The Centrex die is recognized for high IBC volumes and increased rates while the Triple Lip air ring provides superior cooling and gauge control. Both the die and air ring have performed well since being commissioned last fall.

The addition of the ExtrudTuff engineered film gives Mid South Extrusion an even greater advantage in the packaging films market, delivering enhanced physical properties over traditional polyethylene films. Mid South supplies film sheeting in a variety of configurations to support monolayer and multilayer film used in converting, in-process films, and packaging applications. Mid South is committed to providing high quality, custom film and bags to meet the needs of strategic markets and customers in the flexible packaging industry.

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