New Products

Durable Viscometer

The DV-II+Pro viscometer features company's ball bearing suspension system said to deliver extended durability for instruments that get heavy use. EZ-Lock

Slit with Accuracy

The 500 Sibtec automatic roll slitter with advanced control system incorporates twin-axis digital servo control for both indexing and cutting, said to

Use IR Light To Measure Thickness

StraDex sensors have a patented spectral coherence interferometry design that uses IR light to measure total, individual, or multilayer thicknesses for

Heat Seal Has No VOCs

Latiseal B7707AR water-based heat seal is said to provide perfectly bonded recycled RPET blister packages and will not crystallize over time. Reported

Maintain Color Consistency

The DR 3800 benchtop spectrophotometer features high-speed wavelength scanning in the entire visible range, which can be used for method development or

Roll Alignment Offered

The Roll Adjuster alignment tool, said to be easy to set up, is placed on the top of a master roller, drive shaft, or idler, and is held in place by a

Measure Accurately

The Jofra DTI-050 digital temperature indicator offers a measurement accuracy to 0.021 deg F. Said to be easy to use and offer great flexibility with

UV System Uses Less Power

The MBS-5 compact UV system is engineered to fit printing presses with a small footprint for integration. Innovations in reflector optimization and integrated

Many Testing Services Offered

Services include product development, laser converting and production, microscopic analysis, tensile testing, cross-section imaging, gas and vapor transmission,

Test Holding Power of Adhesives

The Dynamic Shear tester is said to offer a fast, accurate representation of an adhesive's ability to resist polymer disentanglement. Provides graphing

Sensor Tests to Specs

XenoCal Solar is a sensor for UV pre-conditioning of photovoltaic modules. Company says stable light output, control of temperature, and correct performance

Measure Film Thickness Accurately

The upgraded FG710S IR film thickness gauge is designed for high-precision measurement of basis weight or thickness of single- or multi-layer films. Provides

Primer for High Bonds

Polaqua 507 water-based p rimer is said to be well suited for extrusion and laminations to clay-coated paper surfaces. Company says highest bond strengths

Flexo with Full Tonal Range

HD (high definition) Flexo uses high-resolution optics and superior screening to deliver the full tonal range of offset and gravure, company says. Provides

Analyze Moving Webs

The Model 910-sT Smart Touch Screen IR moisture analyzer offers on-line analysis for moving webs, flat belt conveyors, screw conveyors, or lab use. Moisture

Control Dispensing

The Model 345 digital valve controller can be used to control any pneumatically operated dispensing valve. Cycle time range is 0.001?10 sec, settable

Get Adhesive Removability

Repositionable micronax micro sphere technology is said to bring a new level of repositionability to adhesives for use in many applications. The technology

Densitometers Are Enhanced

Company reports enhancements to the 500 Series hand-held spectrodensitometers. All 528 and 530 models will ship preloaded with ISO 12647-2 and G7 process


Safety Chuck Modules Offered ShaftLok safety chuck modules are available with skew, lateral, and skew and lateral (combined) adjustments. Modules, said

WHAT'S NEW PRODUCTS: Narrow Web & Label

Splicing Agent Can Be Recycled Multipurpose splicing agent 64437 for common repulpable adhesive tape applications includes attaching substrates to cores


Change Boxes Easily The machine from Boix is a combination tray erector capable of making 3-pc Bliss style, P-84 style, and platform-style boxes on the


New carton and box products in the converting industry

Foil Capsules Launch Sales

Like many forms of packaging, the foil converted by Sparflex of California for use on wine, champagne, spirits, and water bottles provide both tamper evidence and decorative appeal. Capsule materials are converted using the same type of equipment and technologies as other forms of packaging, such as boxes, bags, tags, and labels


Upgraded UV System C3 is a new reflector design for company's UV curing systems


Pouch Machine Saves Scrap The 750 servo pouch machine uses a single web of film to produce two-up, stand-up resealable pouches. Uses less scrap than multiple


Flexible Die-Cutting at Lower Cost The Eagle 360 flexible plate rotary die-cutting system provides cost reductions to 50% compared to solid dies. Replacement


Gearing Products Offered Company offers a comprehensive range of standard open gearing products including spur, helical, miter, bevel, worms, and worm

Lean & Green

As your customers look to improve their sustainability efforts, new substrates on the market offer recyclability and weight reduction with no loss of performance.


Inspect Web for Quality EasyInspect 100% web inspection system detects defects and irregularities in film, optical film, paper, foil, nonwovens, and laminated


Proofing Paper Is Company offers Validation SG3 premium inkjet contract proofing paper designed specifically for SWOP-grade 3 proofing. Paper base is

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