New Products

P-S Films Are Durable

Eight new DigiPRO p-s films feature a topcoat that is specifically designed for use with digital offset printing presses. Products are offered with either

Coat Demanding Products

Aqualene 2300 is designed as a repulpable coating that can be used for a wide range of paper packaging uses. Said to be an alternative to LDPE and to

Protect Rolls During Shipping

Pad Plugs help converters protect roll products from damage during shipping and storage. Available in a wide variety of styles, plugs suspend small- to

Overlaminating Films in Jumbo Rolls

Self-wound p-s overlaminating films are offered in jumbo rolls in 41- and 61-in. widths and lengths to 30,000 ft. Slit rolls are in widths of -in. increments

Film Biodegrades

Evlon corn-based compostable, biodegradable bio-plastic film is certified by the Biodegradable Products Inst. Product is available in a wide range of

Inspect with Soft Lights

Pulsed LED inspection lights are offered in several models. Company says softer light makes them best suited for inspecting packaging and labels with

Renewable Films Offered

Company offers OPS and PLA specialty films including EarthFirst PLA Films, based on the NatureWorks LLC Ingeo polymer derived from annually renewable

Many Color Benefits

The Stylus Pro 7900 and 9900 proofing editions feature UltraChrome HDR ink technology and are powered by the EFI Colorproof XF RIP. Said to offer high

Automate Workflows with Digital Suite

The Digital Flexo Suite for flexible packaging and folding cartons is said to be a powerful and easy-to-use method to automate workflow for flexo platemaking.

Film for Solar Cells

Lamination film for use in solar cell backsheets features interlayer bonding technology that forms long-lasting bonds among the layers of the backsheet

Protect Against Electric Surges

Power filter, adaptable for all equipment power configurations, makes, and models, is said to be the best line of defense against damages due to surges,

Press Has UV for Many Applications

The Diamond V3000LX press with UV capabilities is engineered to deliver high performance on media across a thickness range of 0.0016-0.040 in. Said to

Dies Last Long

X-treme Series flexible dies are 100% machine sharpened and chemically hardened to increase the life of the die without distorting the knife edge. Process

Three Options To Mount Plates

Softprint Secure Plate Mounting family for flexo includes 52820 20-mil hard foam plate mounting tape; 52821 20-mil medium foam plate mounting tape; and

Sheet Heavy Loads

Sheeter offers dual-knife rotary cutter technology with a 1,300-fpm cutter. Delivery system includes a reject gate and a stacker that uses a scissors

Loader Cuts Costs

AutoLoader, in combination with company's core cutters, reportedly offers increased flexibility in automating efficiencies in core cutting. Said to reduce

Sensor Has Software

The RMF-1000 Series penetrative radio frequency moisture sensor includes product calibration software. Generates a radio frequency fringe field at less

Extrusion Coating System Upgraded

Symphonix process control technology for the film, sheet, foam, and extrusion coating markets is the replacement control platform for company's Extrol

Apply Glue with Control

Robond PRO is a microprocessor-controlled fluid application system for fine-line gluing and precision fold softening. Features include automatic fluid

Correct Color in Real Time

KeyColor ColorInSpec printing system delivers color correction on-press in real time and simultaneously can provide defect detection. Reads an entire

Measure Temps & More

The Maxline 2 system now is offered with a camera link interface supporting multiple thermal imaging cameras. Said to provide efficient and reliable in-line

Position Web in Small Space

The Mantis web positioner features unlimited lateral correction/positioning to 120-in.-wide stable web with no lead-in distance required, using minimal

Transfer Tapes Aid Service

FLEXmount transfer tapes are available in 48-, 54- and 60-in. widths to alleviate off-cut charges and provide faster service. Widths are paired with those

Clean Anilox Rolls Safely

A re-engineered anilox roll cleaning system is said to be environmentally safe and to be more powerful and user-friendly with a low profile for easy use

Measure & Control Moisture

The MCT 360 Moisture Transmitter allows a converter to monitor moisture level continuously and manually or automatically control moisture content. It

Meter Gives Stable Readings

The 1928-C single-channel benchtop optical meter incorporates various filtering to make the reading more stable. Said to be compact and versatile, meter

Press Minimizes Waste

Vistaflex C central impression flexo press has eight or ten color decks and print repeats to 49 in. (1,250 mm), printing widths to 88.5 in. (2,200 mm),

Analyze Cost-Effectively

The Pac Check Model 650 EC benchtop dual oxygen and carbon dioxide headspace analyzer is designed as a cost-effective option. Said to be well suited for

Clean Rolls Simply

Process Roll Cleaner mounts on a machine frame to clean the designated process roll. Company says condensate or oligomer removal is accomplished simply

Rulers Are Precise

Electronic and video rulers check material and substrate stretch and size differences between all stages of the process before the run. Called ideal for

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