Report Covers Brand Protection Opportunities


Vandagraf Intl., in association with the Product & Image Security Foundation, has completed a market report entitled “The International Market for Brand Protection Solutions,” the 2nd edition of a report originally published in May 2004. The report analyzes and evaluates product-related crime in 2006, concluding this type of crime continues to grow significantly year on year, fueled mainly by trade with China and enabled by the Internet, among other factors. Financial losses due to counterfeiting, piracy, tampering, and theft amounted to an estimated $610 billion in 2006, says the study. However, the study notes, the market for brand protection solutions amounts to only $3.7 billion, equal to about 0.6% of the worldwide cost of product-related crime.

Segments of the brand protection business look poised for significant growth. The report details more than 20 end-use sectors including about 100 individual product categories. Market estimates and forecasts to 2011 are featured.

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