IML | Mozzarella in a Fresh New Look

Weidenhammer's IML Bambini Mozzarella packageHOCKENHEIM, GERMANY | In early August, cheese maker Goldsteig started selling its Bambini Mozzarella product in a stay-fresh cup manufactured by Weidenhammer Plastic Packaging (WPP), the plastics division of the Weidenhammer Packaging Group (WPG). What makes the oval-shaped packaging special is the seamless in-mold labelling (IML) produced in one simple step.

Unlike conventional IML packaging, the cup has a soft contoured underside with the label covering the entire surface. This was previously only possible with thermoform containers and sleeve labelling.

Two years ago, Goldsteig, Germany's leading mozzarella manufacturer, decided to strengthen its brand and repackage its Bambini Mozzarella product. The company found the perfect partner in Weidenhammer. Together they developed a high quality plastic cup that has proven to be the ideal packaging for the cheese product.

This packaging combines an appetizing appearance with a pleasant look and feel. Ideal for quick-and-easy salads, the mini mozzarellas in a new look arrived on supermarket shelves in early August. Consumers can choose from classic and light varieties.

Small cup, big impact

As a packaging specialist, Weidenhammer uses its unique IML technology for the Goldsteig mozzarella packaging. Side and bottom labels are seamlessly integrated without edges in a single step. This gives the cup a soft, rounded underside, with a nice look and feel for consumers.

Weidenhammer is continuously improving its special IML process, which was first used for Rügenwalder Teewurst (sausage spread) packaging. Goldsteig benefits from this expert knowledge. The mozzarella cup attracts attention as an extremely high quality, full-cover packaging version that was previously only possible using thermoform technology with a sleeve label.

"A realistic, three-dimensional image of mozzarella on the cup was extremely important to our client," says Andreas Rothschink, WPP sales director. "Thanks to our expertise in the in-mold labelling process, we managed to meet these requirements and develop a solution that makes the product stand out from the competition at the point-of-sale."

Freshness and flavor guaranteed

The new packaging solution for Goldsteig not only looks good and feels pleasant to the touch—it also meets the client's requirements for safe and reliable mozzarella packaging. The polypropylene cup is sealed with a composite film and is completely gastight. This keeps the mini mozzarellas fresh and aromatic. A salt brine prevents the cheese from drying out.

Weidenhammer manufactures 225-gram stay-fresh cups for the Goldsteig Bambini Mozzarella product in Zwenkau, Germany.

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