Freedonia Issues Report on Converted Flexible Packaging

Demand for US converter flexible packaging is expected to increase annually due to cost and performance advantages

Flexible Packaging | Child-Resistant Slider an Important Step Forward in Safety

CHILD-GUARD closure is designed to integrate into existing packaging formats

Performance Packaging of Nevada Offers Sterilization Method

Pixie Dust, a patented sterilization method, is said to enable new applications and cost savings and to be an improvement on aseptic packaging

AIPIA Launches On-Line Service for Active Packaging

AIPIA CONNECT helps brand owners find secure solutions for their active and intelligent packaging projects

PaperWorks Consolidates Canadian Folding Carton Production

The company will move all Canadian folding carton production into its Kitchener, ON, facility to make output more efficient

Constantia Flexibles Opens Film R&D Center

The new Competence Center will provide company with R&D to support new products and study long-term trends in polymer films and film laminates

Elif Offers Eco-Packaging Solution

ElifFine is said to provide easy recycling, stiffness, and good barrier properties as well as a tactile experience for consumers

Optimum Plastics Adds Extrusion Line

Company increases cast embossed capacity with new line, capable of producing film to five layers in many resin grades

Nordson Announces Nine-Manifold Die

Die reportedly provides tight tolerances and enables processors to run thinner layers of costly specialty materials

WPO Adds Save Food Category to Awards

The WorldStar Student Award competition now features a category that helps the World Packaging Organization support the Save Food Initiative

Presto, FunkSac, Atlapac Collaborate on Cannabis Packaging

Child-Guard protects children in one of the fastest growing markets in US

Clondalkin Helps Rebrand LowLow Snacks

Produces four lid designs for range of Snack Bites

Amcor AmLite Gives High Barrier Packaging a Fresh Look

Metal-free packaging said to offer excellent product protection

Colter & Peterson Paper Cutter Is Automated

The Prism P80 is called durable and easy to operate, with state-of-the-art design

Barex Replacement Developed for Single Dose Application

Peelable Exponent is latest addition to Rollprint Packaging Products' product line

Enercon Corona Technology

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