Polymer Industries Adds Davis-Standard Sheet System

Davis-Standard Extrusion SystemPAWCATUCK, CT | A new Davis-Standard extrusion system is enabling Polymer Industries of Henagar, AL, to control in-house production of high molecular weight (HMW) high-density polyethylene (HDPE), polypropylene (PP), pipe-grade HDPE, and low-density polyethylene (LDPE) sheet.

Polymer Industries, the fastest growing polyolefin sheet manufacturer in the world, is committed to supporting new processes and applications. As such, they are the only company in the industry to offer 12-ft (3.7m) plus wide HMW sheet as well as equal sales in both HDPE extruded sheet and ultra-high molecular weight (UHMW) pressed sheet.

The Davis-Standard system, installed at the Alabama facility, is being used to process HMWHDPE sheet at rates of 1,400 lbs (635 kg) per hour for making commercial dump truck liners. The HMW provides higher impact strength to make this product stronger and more wear resistant.

“We have been a Davis-Standard customer since 1993, so we trust their expertise. As expected, the new equipment is performing well,” said Andy Saigal, president of Polymer Industries. “This installation is a key part of our growth strategy because we are the only company within our market segment to produce both HMW and UHMW in-house. There are other companies who can produce HMWPE, but they do custom runs only and do not market it specifically for dump truck liners. Our sister company in India not only markets HMWPE, but also UHMW for abrasive construction materials. It’s created a niche market where we’ve had a lot of success.”

The newly installed system features an 8-in. (200mm) Thermatic air-cooled extruder, DSB barrier screw with cavity transfer mixer, temperature control panel, screen changer package, and 165-in. (4,191mm) EX-M-PLAR III sheet rollstand system. The EX-M-PLAR gives Polymer Industries the ability to achieve exacting sheet thicknesses with an individual roll drive system and motorized gap control. Most of the sheet coming off the line is produced in half-inch (12mm) thicknesses.

Polymer Industries is the world’s third largest producer of specialty polyolefin, semi-finished products. Nearly 75% of the company’s business is domestic, with the remainder supporting international markets. The facility in India serves customers in Asia, the Middle East, and Australia. Sheet made by Polymer Industries is used in everything from cutting boards, to playground equipment, to restroom partitions and marina dock bumpers.

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