EPG Closes Loop on Presses to 78 Inches

AutoKey scanner interface system complements densitometer from Tobias t adjust ink keys

TandD Corp. Offers Wireless 4-Channel Light Logger

Unit monitors illuminance, ultraviolet, temperature, and humidity simultaneously

MOCON Model Measures WVTR of High-Barrier Films

The AQUATRAN Model 2 has sensor sensitivity to measures structure accurately and with high repeatability

BYK-Gardner Smart-Lab Analyzes Color in Lab

Software analyzes data for color and effect analysis and displays measurements instantly

TandD Corp. Offers New Wireless Data Logger

The RTR-507/507L is said to provide wide-range, high-precision measurements of temperature and humidity

RheoSense Offers Temperature Controller

The microVISC TC provides viscosity measurements with accurate temperature control

TandD Data Logger Offers Accuracy

The TandD Corp three-channel Data Logger TR-76Ui-H can measure and record CO2 concentration, temperature, and humidity simultaneously with precision

MOCON Adds Options to Oxygen Test System

Three new accessories for the OpTech oxygen test system from MOCON add portability as well as upgraded package testing and sensing capabilities

TandD Data Logger Measures Four Parameters

The TR-74Ui-H Illuminance UV Recorder from TandD measures illumination, UV light, temperature, and humidity simultaneously

Air Science Filtration System Is Ductless

The Vent-Box ductless filtration system from Air Science is designed to protect lab personnel from harmful vapors and minimize loss of treated air

Domosystem Moisture Meters Aid Quality Control

Humitest meters for paper and board from Domosystem measure water content, ambient humidity, and temperature of paper

Pepperl+Fuchs Encoders Stand Up to Stress

CVM42H CANopen Multi-Turn Absolute Encoders from Pepperl+Fuchs offer stability in applications with high mechanical stresses

MOCON Has Global Network for Testing

Permeation testing for material and package performance is offered in MOCON-certified labs globally to ensure quality for many multinational companies

RheoSense Chip Measures at High Shear Rates

The E chip from RheoSense is said to eliminate early turbulence and produce accurate measurements of viscosity at high shear rates

IPS Testing Is ISO Certified

With ISO 17025 accreditation for testing and calibration labs, IPS Testing is now certified to test heavy metals and phthalates

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