Kluge Makes a Splash in Russia


VIP Systems represented Brandtjen & Kluge at Krokus Expo in Moscow, Russia, where it demonstrated a Kluge UniFold Automatic folder/gluer. VIP folded and glued CD wallets, a popular product for converters in the region. "By demonstrating a product relevant to professionals in our region we were able to impress decision makers and sell the machine directly from the show floor," says Nadezhda Batlouk of VIP Systems. "The UniFold configured for converting CD wallets helped draw additional interest to the booth and other Kluge products like the Small Box Automatic Folder/Gluer. Multimedia demonstrations with video and CD ROM's enabled booth visitors a chance to see the Small Box Automatic folder/gluer in action although the machine was not actually present at the show."

To learn more, visit kluge.biz.

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