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Aid to Haiti

What efforts or contributions has or can your company make to helping those in desperate need in Haiti? This morning the island suffered another aftershock that measured 6.1 on the Richter scale. Then it dawned on me that the converting industry probably has a lot to offer.

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Free Webinar Helps Converters Strategize for 2010

In order to know what direction your 2010 strategy should take, it helps to know where you’ve been. Armed with 2009 converter benchmarks, discover how you stack up against your converter competitors to strengthen your 2010 plans for success. Let what happened in 2009, stay in 2009!

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What Willl Make ICE USA Successful?

Now that CMM is history, what will make the new Mack Brooks Exhibition (MBE) group’s ICE USA (April 6–8, 2011, in Orlando) successful? Will it be the conferences, the number of exhibitors, the type of exhibitors, working equipment? How can they attract attendees?

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CMM’s Demise

I’ve been receiving some feedback about CMM’s demise–all from email, of course. I think it warrants repeating.

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ICE USA Picks Orlando’s Orange County Convention Ctr.

So it’s official, Mack Brooks Exhibitions Ltd. (MBE), owners of the new ICE USA show that purchased CMM, has picked the Orange County Convention Ctr. (OCCC) for the show’s site on April 6–8, 2011. Michael Boyle is the event director.

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Best Advice

I love it when I hear from readers who respond to questions within any of PFFC's publications. One of our subscribers' favorite monthly reads in the magazine is a guest column titled, “Experience Speaks,” and I posted a question at the bottom of the November column featuring David Premo, VP/General Manager of Adhesive Applications Inc. I asked: “What's the best advice you ever got?”

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CMM Sold to Mack Brooks Exhibitions

Pennwell (Tulsa, OK) ( has announced that Mack Brooks Exhibitions (MBE) has purchased CMM, the Converting Machinery/Materials Conference & Exhibition,( from them.

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E-mail: Help or Hindrance?

Received a press release from NFI Research delivering the results from a survey it distributed on the value of e-mail. Can you identify with any of the findings? Here's what NFI reported:

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Don’t Miss Upcoming Web Handling Workshop

Don't miss the upcoming workshop on December 7–9 that our own Tim Walker, of TJWalker Assoc. ( and author of his monthly column “Web Lines,” is staging with Optimation out at the Media Conveyance Facility. ( The MCF is located in the Eastman Business Park (formerly Kodak Park) in Rochester, NY, and it's where Tim and the Optimation crew will tackle a number of web handling topics.

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