Canadian show highlights packaging industry up north

More than 2,000 attendees visited Montreal's Palais des Congres April 23-25 to view the latest in packaging equipment and materials at Packaging-Forum-D'Emballage.

Modified Atmosphere Packaging shows potential for growth

The detailed report, "Modified Atmosphere Packaging: U.K.," issued by Marketing Strategies for Industry (U.K.) Ltd., Chester, U.K., shows that U.K. retail

In-mold labels: film is today's hot development.

As recently as 15 years ago, in-mold labeling was not a common technology. A desire to reduce costs was the motive for its development. A successful combination

UV/EB technology moves ahead with the times

Converters have been fueling the growth of the ultraviolet-curing industry at a rate of 20% per year for the past ten years. George Pasternack, manager

Pressure-sensitive line utilizes all-vector drive system

A new MagneTek AC drive gives Kanzaki Specialty Papers the chance to evaluate it against DC units, and the results make AC look good.Kanzaki Specialty

Something new under the sun

Chamelacolors are long-lasting, light-activated inks that can be applied in-line by conventional printing presses onto any substrate.The decades-long

Coextrusion: making the equipment fit the need

Suppliers of coextrusion equipment keep moving forward to meet the needs of converters who are facing their own tough customers.As with their counterparts

Congress is considering FDA reform bills

The approval process for food packaging may be changing as the House and Senate debate a number of measures.Packaging that directly contacts food must,

PET supplies increasing as markets expand

"There's nothing in the world as powerful as an idea whose time has come." Dr. Samuel Johnson.Suppliers of polyethylene terephthalate (PET), which was

International Converting Industry News

News from: Bataan Polyethylene Corp., BP Chemicals, Courtaulds PLC, Dusenbery, Hoechst, Hyundai Petrochemical Co., Philippines National Oil Co., Simon-Carves Ltd., and Sumitomo.

Handling hazardous materials: are you up to date?

All the Material Safety Data Sheets in the world and all the training programs offered by employers are futile if people elects to avoid them for the

Web-guiding systems are tailored to your applications

There are four proven web-guiding systems available to the converter. The common denominator in each is that the web edge is monitored by a sensor that

A rather narrow-minded view of wide web printing.

Duralam lowers costs and adds efficiencies to its short runs with a narrow version of a wide web press from PCMC.In business for nearly 30 years, Duralam

MSC Specialty Films reaches success down to the core

In order to provide customers with just what its name promises, MSC Specialty Films needed the right core supplier. Star Paper Tube's new StarTech Div.

Advances in prepress are making heads spin.

The technology of prepress is changing at such a dizzying pace, that converters keep up or quickly get left behind.Speaking recently at the 12th Digital

Green Bay gears up for specialty labels

Green Bay Packaging's Coated Products Operations unit commissions custom equipment from Faustel to take advantage of the growing market for specialty

Changing the way we look at environmental regulations.

On Feb. 11, 1996, the chairman of the Federal Commission on Risk Assessment and Risk Management stated that the Commission will soon recommend that environmental

Flexo label printer grows by leaps and bounds

In six years Steve Mintz, owner and president of Express Label Co., Longwood, FL, catapulted a small hot stamp label start-up company into a broad-based

Guide to European packaging will keep converters up to date

Pira's done it again! Long the leader in international converting/packaging publications, PIRA International's recently published two-volume "European

The challenge of formulating FDA compliance.

Many application of adhesives, coatings, and inks for flexible packaging and other uses require compliance with regulations of the Food and Drug Administration

Plate advances bring flexo closer to offset

Developments in all aspects of printing plate and platemaking technology continue unabated. This article, because of space constraints, will be limited

Gravure gets easier

Though gravure wasn't for you? Think again. With innovations in equipment and technique, costs are coming down, and the process is becoming accessible

Paperbox winners honored for industry excellence

The National Assn. rewards folding cartons and rigid boxes for unique and outstanding packaging contributions.Forty rigid box and folding carton manufacturers

Laser positioning system creates clean, productive environment

Nashua Graphic Products eliminates dust problems on a slitting line and improves slit width tolerance with a Dienes Laser Positioning System.In order

Paperboard industry showcases its winning ways

The Paperboard Packaging Council competition selects 80 outstanding packages from a wide field of entries.Eighty packages were honored for innovation

Paper characteristics: starting the job right

Of all the components that can affect the quality and ultimate impact of a finished printed product, the base stock often plays the most critical role.

AIMCAL Selects Seven for Annual Honors

The Assn. of Industrial Metallizers, Coaters and Laminatots rewards outstanding packages and labels in its annual competition.

Court ruling on HMT may mean a tax refund

In a decision that may result in monetary refunds to thousands of American businesses, including some converters, the US Court of International Trade

Water-based adhesives meet just-in-time demands.

High-performance, water-based adhesives cure in 24 to 48 hours, giving converters a competitive edge with their customers.In this era of just-in-time

A look at the world of German Packaging today.

I've just returned from Germany where I lectured, visited four flex-pack converters and several packaging machinery suppliers, and toured three large

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