Brake and clutches improve to meet industry demands.

Brakes and clutches for tension control are available in many configurations for virtually every converting application. Like all parts of the industry,

Improved paper chemistry provides multiple benefits

Don't assume that the chemistry of paper is of interest only to your paper supplier. If you convert paper, what you don't know can hurt you.If you effortlessly

Viscosity system saves ink and improves print quality

By choosing a Norcross in-tank viscosity control system for its new press, Lally Pak improved both its process printing and efficiencies of operation.There

Examining trends in drives and motors

AC technology is clearly the wave of the future, but its eventual displacement of DC technology is still a long way off. And what about brushless DC?

Opportunities abound in an emerging Indian market

Joint ventures in foreign lands are one way to capitalize on an emerging market. In India, lowered import duties and revised foreign exchange regulations

"Partnering" helps get press up to speed

Viking Label and Packaging faced production delays with ink foaming problems until DIP Co. stepped in and gave its partner a helping hand.When Viking

KAPCO hits grand slam in pursuing custom markets

Baseball player Joe Carter invents a converted product that now replaces what for generations has been a down-and-dirty - but mostly sticky - situation.

Pollution prevention makes good sense

If you generate less waste, you will have less waste to dispose of. It's common sense, and it's cost-effective, but some companies still need convincing.In

Measurement technique improves metallized PP

Metallized polypropylene films continue to improve, thanks in part to advancements in noncontact, quantitative surface measurement techniques.In the snack

Commission clarifies OSHA's "egregious violations" policy

Two recent decisions by the Occupational Safety and Health Review Commission (OSHRC) clarify the authority of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration

Islamic marketing opportunities opening up for converters.

Islam - with over 1 billion adherents worldwide - is the fastest growing religion in the Western world. Over 5 million Muslims live in the US alone, worshipping

New relationship challenges old ways

The year 2000 is just around the corner, and the transformation from a manufacturing to an information/service-based economy will continue to cause significant

Die-cutting developments continue unabated.

Fierce competition among cutting die manufacturers is resulting in a better, less expensive product for all converters, and it's not going to stop here.What

Converting capabilities grow in Caribbean nations.

Using Puerto Rico as a shining example of successful plastics/packaging industrial expansion (particularly for pharmaceuticals), many other Caribbean

Economic restructuring in Central European enterprises.

A discussion paper published by the Center for Economic Policy Research, London, England, interprets the evidence on enterprise restructuring in Poland,

Bagmaking operation refuses to stand still

As the plastic bag operation at Shields Bag & Printing Co. continues to grow and evolve, 32 Battenfeld Gloucester production lines keep pace.In 1954 Gene

Video web inspection: the view from the press floor.

Press operators from three converting companies talk about their experiences with video web inspection and what it means to find the right equipment.The

Tissue converter accrues benefits of AC servo drives

Wepa & Co., a German tissue converter, discovers firsthand the advantages afforded by electronic line shafting on its new C.G. Bretting converting machinery.

Used machinery can bring new life to your operation

If it's handled with caution, a purchase of used equipment can save converters both time and money, and you won't experience buyer's regret.Anyone who

Doctor blades are the right Rx for gravure

A new doctor blade design, offering spring load tension and high contact angle, reportedly makes the quality printing afforded by gravure even better.The

Plastics society urges repeal of Clean Air Act provisions

In testimony before the House of Representatives in July, the Society of the Plastics Industry (SPI) stated that Clean Air Act provisions requiring companies

As times change, OSHA still shows signs of life

As a result of the "Republican Revolution" and the push to restrict activities by government agencies, the perception exists that the Occupational Safety

Change is the only certainty, so make it work for you.

Look around your office or plant and what do you see? Personal computers, copiers, fax machines, robots, closed-circuit television sets - devices that

Winders/Unwinders: Gettting Better Every Day

Unwinders/winders/rewinds, like most things in life, are not quite as simple as they appear to be. In fact, according to Dr. David Roisum, author of The Mechanics of Winding, winders have a critical influence on the creation of all kinds of roll defects, defects that can easily result in a roll being devalued, culled or scrapped.

Voluntary environmental standards are on the way

As ISO-9000 becomes a way of life for the global business community, ISO-14000 is almost ready to debut with its own set of standards for voluntary environmental

Training is the key to success in '90s corporate climb.

If you have not yet taken steps to empower your employees through effective training, be aware that your competitors may be doing just that, and pulling

Retrofit brings older sheeters back to life.

A dual rotary knife retrofit on an older sheeter can be a cost-efficient way to upgrade your operation with many of the benefits of new equipment.Today,

Czech converter pursues new free-market direction

Kovohute Bridlicna, long ago a foundry, is writing new history as it stands unique amidst few manufacturing plants in ex-socialist countries and targets

US antidumping law to affect pricing in world markets.

As defined under international trade agreement and current US law, dumping (sales at below fair value) is price discrimination between national markets

Growing popularity of PET drives shortage to crisis level

Widely hailed as the "green" resin of the '90s, polyethylene terephthalate, or PET, is now the wunderkind of the converting/packaging industry. Sometimes

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