Online UV Monitoring and Cure Test Kit

UNITED KINGDOM | GEW has developed SEEcure, an online monitoring system that measures output within the UV lamp head. SEEcure is a fully integrated measuring device that runs with the latest generation of the company's e-Brick controls and allows continuous monitoring of all lamps in a system simultaneously.

Information from the SEEcure system is displayed on a color touchscreen. An electronic sensor is built into the UV lamp head which receives a combined output of the UV light from the reflector and directly from the lamp, ensuring the UV incident on the web is monitored. An alarm function is incorporated to signal under performing UV lamps and reflectors.

GEW also has launched QuantiCure, a chemical test kit that gives quantitative and reliable UV cure measurements at the substrate that reportedly are simple to calibrate and operate on the press. The system enables the user to measure cross-linking, easily configure UV power levels, monitor UV lamp and reflector operation, control energy consumption, and permits jobs to be accurately repeated at any time.

QuantiCure is sensitive to both UV intensity imprinting on the web surface and variations in press speed so the operator can obtain a true analytical picture of the curing performance when matched against established standards such as rub and tape adhesion tests. See

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