LP Series Low Profile Pancake Load Cell: Montalvo

Montalvo, international specialists in web tension control, announces the newest addition to its product portfolio, the LP Series Low Profile Pancake Load Cell. LP Series load cells can be ideal for applications with narrow machine frames requiring high performance, high quality tension measurement signal. Built with a full bridge foil gauge, the LP Series is available in three sizes, each with multiple bearing options for a wide range of shafts, and multiple load ratings. The LP series also meets the dimensional specifications of existing installations to be a seamless drop-in replacement; or can be ideal for new machine builds.  

 “The LP Series is the latest addition to Montalvo’s strong load cell portfolio, giving customers another option to meet the specific requirements of their machine,” said Director of Sales and Marketing, Bryon Williams. “Having built our reputation as a premier supplier of higher quality, higher performing load cells, the LP series is the latest continuation of this effort. As a member of our drop-in replacement series of the load cells, customers can now expand the capabilities and quality of their machine without any additional changes to their machine. A simple installation swap provides and instant upgrade for existing machines, while designing the LP Load Cell into new machine builds gives OEMs another high-quality component for their machines.”

A complete list of features for the LP Series Load Cell includes:

  • Direct Drop-In Replacement Design
  • Full Bridge, Foil Gauge
  • Multiple Bearing Options
  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Industry Leading Resolution and Repeatability
  • 3 Sizes, 2 Mounting Options, Multiple Load Ratings
  • Overload Protection and Mechanical Hard Stops
  • Industry Standard M12 Connector

For more information, visit www.montalvo.com.

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