Montalvo Offers Multi-Zone Tension Indicator


GORHAM, ME | The Montalvo Corp. has developed the i4-HD multi-zone tension indicator in both an analog and a digital configuration, designed to provide accurate and repeatable web tension. 

Company president Ed Montalvo says indicator “provides maximum productivity and profitable end rolls by giving the operator reliable, accurate, and repeatable tension indication anywhere in a customer’s web process.”

Other features of the i4-HD indicator include:

• heavy-duty enclosure to ensure it will work no matter how harsh the environment;

• operates with the company’s A4, as well as all M-Series amplifiers, which combine simplicity of operation and functionality;

• provides excitation voltage as well as zero and calibration circuitry;

• a measurement range that accommodates most applications;

• a 24-volt alarm output, with an adjustable trip point; (NOTE: optional depending on the unit being equipped with a Montalvo M Module amplifier); not available with the Montalvo A4 amplifier)

• an output that can interface with PLC, PC, or DC/AC or servo drives;

• compatibility with most semiconductor strain gauge and foil gauge load cells;

• fully compatible with the full range of company’s load cells.


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