Webex Announces Delivery Guarantee

NEENAH, WI | Webex, a Maxcess company and global supplier of precision rolls for web handling applications, reports an on-time-shipment guarantee (http://www.maxcessintl.com/webex-delivery-guarantee-program) for Standard Idler Rolls.

“Webex has been a trusted supplier of idler rolls for decades,” says Maxcess CEO Greg Jehlik. “As a trusted name in the industry, we understand that reducing lead times are essential to our customer’s success, so today we are guaranteeing the on-time-shipment of our Standard Idler Rolls.”

Program includes up to ten aluminum or carbon steel, dead shaft, and live shaft Idler Rolls and will guarantee a three-week lead time or customer will receive 25% off next Idler Roll order of equal or lesser value.

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