Karlville and Martin Automatic Partner to Provide Higher Productivity on 300D Seamer


MIAMI, FL, USA — Karlville Development Group and Martin Automatic say a new alliance between the two companies can help provide higher productivity for converters investing in Karville's 300D high-speed, non-stop seamer. "Shown for the first time at Labelexpo 2004," states a release about the OEMs' alliance, "the new 300D, [featuring a Martin Automatic roll-changing system], is a major step forward in high-volume seaming technology."

According to the companies, Martin Automatic and Karlville engineers worked together to integrate the 300D seamer with the new Martin MBEC automatic butt splicer and the STR rewind, "creating a flexible upgrade path for the 300D series."

Says Karlville VP Raul Matos, "The new 300D with the automatic roll change reduces production waste by three percent and increases throughput by up to 30 percent to create higher quality product for less cost." He adds, "This increased productivity equates to a very fast payback for the converter. Key to the new system is the butt splicer and the STR rewind, which provides reliable, non-stop production."

David Wright, VP at Martin Automatic states, "We added a number of new features to the STR to accommodate this specialized application and provide the performance that Karlville required. This configuration represents an important advancement in seaming technology. The elimination of materials waste and equipment downtime associated with manual roll changes has a very positive impact on the converter's ability to be competitive while generating sustainable profit margins."

Learn more about Karlville at karlville.com. Visit Martin Automatic at martinautomatic.com.

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