Paxar's Q-Service for RFID Delivers Compliant Smart Labels


WHITE PLAINS, NY, USA—Paxar reports its RFID service bureau, Monarch Q-Service, is in full production.

According to the retail supply-chain provider of bar code and identification technologies, Q-Service is the industry's first service bureau for RFID (radio frequency identification). "The new service enables suppliers to Wal-Mart and others needing RFID shipping and pallet labels to take delivery of these labels, programmed with their unique RFID data and printed with bar code and human readable data, in as little as 48 hours." Adds Paxar, "Now suppliers can meet retailers' current RFID needs without investing in hardware or systems."

Companies needing RFID programmed labels utilizing Paxar's Q-Service will provide Paxar with the data to be encoded as well as the human readable and bar code information to print on the RFID label, explains the company's release promoting the new service. "Paxar [will take] care of verifying the RFID chip , encoding the data, and printing the label," adds the company.

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