Manhattan Associates and Matrics Announce Strategic Alliance to Aid RFID Adoption


ATLANTA, GA, USA—Manhattan Associates Inc. and Matrics Inc. report the formation of a strategic alliance between the two companies to accelerate adoption of RFID (radio frequency indentification) technology throughout the consumer-goods supply chain.

According to Manhattan Assoc., a supplier of supply-chain execution (SCE) solutions, the primary goal of this alliance is to help clients reduce overall costs and increase profitability by combining RFID tag and reader technology with RFID-enabled SCE solutions. "The benefits to customers include improved accuracy and distribution efficiencies, shorter order cycle times, elimination of unnecessary handling and expenses, and enhanced customer satisfaction, for an overall competitive advantage," states the SCE solution manufacturer.

Manhattan Assoc. says it offers a variety of integrated logistics solutions, including RFID. "As the first supply-chain software provider to join the Auto-ID Center (now EPCglobal), Manhattan Associates was an early adopter of EPC-compliant technology. The company has continued to build a solid leadership position with the development of its 'RFID in a Box' solution, which incorporates implementation services for RFID, an integration platform for RFID, and RFID-enabled SCE applications," adds Manhattan.

The firms explains it is partnering with Matrics, a "best-in-class" RFID supplier, in order to leverage its solutions to its target markets. "Teaming with Matrics allows us to offer the consumer-goods industry a smart, reliable choice for complete RFID solutions," reports Manhattan Assoc. RFID strategist Greg Gilbert. "By aligning our RFID solutions with Matrics tag and reader functionality, we can ensure customers that face pending compliance mandates meet deadlines, while realizing the added benefits of source to consumption supply-chain operations."

According to Manhattan Assoc., the Matrics RFID system is comprised of EPC-compliant RFID tags (Class 0 read only and read/write) and its new, multi-protocol reader (AR 400 RFID Reader), designed to enable real-time, seamless tag reading, and writing capability for all EPC-compliant tags (including Class 0 and Class 1). "Matrics' RFID technology reads farther and faster and costs less than comparable systems, providing unsurpassed real-time visibility into products and assets in factories, distribution centers, and retail outlets," adds the company.

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